SHEN Yuan,YE Shu-hong,WANG Li,et al.The Study on the Interactions between DNA and CdS-NH2 Nanoparticles[J].,2014,(06):624-631.





The Study on the Interactions between DNA and CdS-NH2 Nanoparticles
江西师范大学化学化工学院,江西 南昌,330022
SHEN Yuan;YE Shu-hong;WANG Li;CHEN Shou-hui
CdS-NH2EcoRIDNACdS-NH2-EcoRI compositesfluorescence spectroscopyCD spectroscopyatomic force microscopeagarose gel electrophoresis
采用荧光光谱、紫外光谱( UV-vis)、圆二色谱( CD)、透射电镜( TEM)、原子力显微镜( AFM)、琼脂糖凝胶电泳等技术研究 CdS-NH2-EcoRI复合物与 DNA的相互作用。研究发现:CdS-NH2纳米粒子与pBR322DNA结合后会延迟EcoRI的酶切反应。 DNA的曲率和纳米粒子的粒径都是影响结合作用的因素,曲率较大的环状DNA比线性DNA能更好地与纳米粒子结合,小粒径的CdS-NH2纳米粒子则更易结合到DNA上。并研究了DNA与CdS-NH2纳米粒子之间的作用机理。
In this work,the interaction between DNA and CdS-NH2-EcoRI composites was investigated by infrared spectroscopy,UV-vis spectroscopy,fluorescence spectroscopy,CD spectroscopy,atomic force microscope,agarose gel electrophoresis,etc. It was shown that the restriction enzyme reaction of EcoRI would be retarded after CdS-NH2 nanoparticles combined with pBR322DNA. Both the curvature of DNA and the particle size of nanoparticles are the crucial factors influencing the groove binding. Circular-like DNA with larger curvature is more easily combined with nanoparticles than linear DNA. And CdS-NH2 nanoparticles with smaller size were more easily combined with DNA. The interaction mechanism of DNA and CdS-NH2 nanoparticles was also studied in this work.


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 HUANG Mei,YE Shu-hong,SONG Yong-hai.The Study on the Interaction between DNA and CdS-COOH-EcoRI Complex[J].,2014,(06):180.


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