XIONG Yunkui,LIAO Weilin,TU Yuanhong.The Synthesis of Graphite-Like Polynaphthalene and Its Electrochemical Properties as Cathode Material for Lithium-Ion Battery[J].,2015,(05):474-479.





The Synthesis of Graphite-Like Polynaphthalene and Its Electrochemical Properties as Cathode Material for Lithium-Ion Battery
XIONG Yunkui;LIAO Weilin;TU Yuanhong
conductive polymer34910-perylenetetracarboxylic dianhydridepolynaphthalenelithium ion batterycathode material
导电聚合物材料具有原料价格低廉、比重轻、具可塑性、微结构便于控制等优点,在锂离子电池方面具有应用的潜力.聚萘是一种良好的导电高分子,它具有许多优良的光电性能.该文以3,4,9,10-二苯四甲酸酐为原料,在一定条件下,经高温煅烧合成一种石墨状聚萘,并以这种石墨状聚萘为锂离子电池正极材料,对其进行探索性研究.通过红外光谱、拉曼光谱、热失重、扫描电镜等分析手段,对合成的石墨状聚萘做了相应的结构和外貌表征;利用恒流充放电、循环伏安和交流阻抗等电化学方法来研究石墨状聚萘的电化学性能.结果表明,通过上述合成方法,成功合成了石墨状聚萘,经电化学性能测试发现石墨状聚萘有较大的放电容量、良好的循环稳定性,在电流密度为100 mAh · g-1的条件下,首次放电容量高达281.3 mAh·g-1,100次循环后,容量仍保持在188.4 mAh·g-1,容量保持率高达66.97;.因此,石墨状聚萘是一种较为理想的锂离子电池的正极材料.
Conductive polymer materials with the raw material price is low,the proportion of light,plasticity,the ad-vantage of easy to control microstructure,and etc,promising as electrode materials for lithium-ion secondary battery. Based on this purpose,polynaphthalene as the research object was chosened. Polynaphthalene is a kind of good con-ducting polymer,it has many excellent photoelectric properties. The synthesis of polynaphthalene is variety,while this paper chose a relatively simple synthetic method:a tubular furnace at 530℃,3 ,4 ,9 ,10-perylenetetracarboxylic dianhydride( PTCDA)long time of heating to release of CO and CO2 ,stripped of acid anhydride to generate free radicals,which undergo polymerization to produce an intermediate productⅠ,and then the intermediate productⅠat 650 ℃ further heated to lose part of hydrogen,the product Ⅱ of good electrical conductivity is generated. Com-bined with the reaction mechanism of the relevant literatures,PTCDA thermal gravimetric analysis,infrared,and IR, Raman,SEM of the product Ⅱ and graphite related test,These evidences are enough to prove that graphite-like polynaphthalene is synthesized. The graphite-like polynaphthalene electrode is the constant current charge and dis-charge test,cyclic voltammetry and Ac impedance test,through these tests,the first clear the charge and discharge platform of the polynaphthalene electrode,and find that the electrode has a larger discharge capacity and good cycle stability. The first discharge capacity is 281. 3 mAh · g-1 ,the 100th cycle,the discharge capacity remains 188. 4 mAh·g-1 ,the capacity retention rate is as high as 66. 97;. Therefore,it can be deduced the graphite-like having great potential as cathode material of lithium ion battery.


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