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The Microwave Synthesis of Ceria Nanoparticles with the Assistance of Organic Amine
廖媛媛李 苑邹红红钟声亮
江西师范大学化学化工学院,江西 南昌 330022
LIAO YuanyuanLI YuanZOU HonghongZHONG Shengliang
College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Jiangxi Normal University,Nanchang Jiangxi 330022,China
纳米材料 CeO2 有机胺 微波
nanomaterials CeO2 organic amine microwave
O 611.4
以水为溶剂,以有机胺(三乙烯四胺、四乙烯五胺、二乙醇胺和乙醇胺)为碱源,无需添加表面活性剂,以经改装的家用微波炉(功率连续可调)为热源快速制备了纳米二氧化铈.结果显示:合成的二氧化铈的颗粒分布很均匀,且具有较好的分散性,粒径在3~5 nm之间,比表面积为189.00 m2·g-1.有机胺为碱源既可起到碱的作用,又可起到表面活性剂的作用,降低了CeO2的粒径,还使合成的产物不易团聚,分散性好.
Ceria nanoparticles were successfully prepared employing an modified home microwave oven(power continuously adjustable)with water as solvent and organic amine as the base source(triethylenetetramine,tetraethylenepentamine,diethanolamine and triethanolamine),without the using of any surfactant.The ceria nanoparticles are with diameters of 3-5 nm and BET surface of 189.00 m2·g-1.Furthermore,it is homogenous and well dispersed.Organic amine acts as base source and surfactant during the preparation process.It not only can low the size of the particles,but also can hinder the particles from aggregating.


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