SHANG Zhong-jin,RAO Gui-shi,ZHONG Yan,et al.The SERS Activity Study of GC Electrode Modified by Au Hollow NanosPheres[J].,2014,(04):336-341.





The SERS Activity Study of GC Electrode Modified by Au Hollow NanosPheres
江西师范大学化学化工学院,江西 南昌,330022
SHANG Zhong-jin;RAO Gui-shi;ZHONG Yan;YAN Liang-liang;XIONG Ting;ZHANG Xian-tu;LIN Xuan;TIAN Wei;ZHONG Qi-ling
GoldHollow nanospheresmodified electrodeSERS
以硒球为模板合成了金纳米空球及其修饰玻碳电极,采用 SEM、XRD 和电化学循还伏安(CV)法,对金纳米空球的表面形貌和晶体结构进行了表征.实验结果表明:其粒径约为150 nm,壳厚约为25 nm,球壳表面由荔枝状的金原子簇团所构建,为多晶面心立方结构;应用电化学原位表面增强拉曼光谱技术,以吡啶为探针分子,初步研究了金纳米空球的 SERS 活性,计算其增强因子约为7.6×104;通过电化学和电化学原位表面增强拉曼光谱技术考察了硫氰根离子在金纳米空球上的吸附与氧化行为,发现在-0.80~0.60 V 的电位区间,SCN -离子通过电位调制可分别以 S 和 N 端竞争吸附在金纳米空球表面,但在0.60 V时,SCN -就开始氧化成 OCN -离子,当电极电位≥0.70 V 时,主要检测到位于2223 cm -1处OCN -离子在双电层的溶液谱.研究结果可为谱学电化学、电分析生物检测和靶向药物制备与检测等领域带来某些应用.
SEM,XRD and electrochemical cyclic voltammetry were introduced to determine surface morphology and crystal structure of Au hollow nanospheres. It is shown that their surface is formed by Au atoms clusters of litchi shape and their structure is polycrystalline face-centered cubic structure with a diameter of 150 nm and shell thick-ness of 25 nm. The SERS activity of Au hollow nanospheres was preliminarily measured by using pyridine as the probe molecule with electrochemical in-situ surface Raman spectrum technology and the calculated enhancement factor is 7. 6 × 104 . Competitive vertical adsorption of S end and N end is gradually transformed to inclination,and even the flat manner adsorption of S,N bidentate on Au hollow nanospheres under study potential of - 0. 80 ~1. 10 V by investigating the action of SCN - adsorption with Au hollow nanospheres. The property possibly brings some application for spectroscopy electrochemistry,electroanalytical biological detection and preparation of target drug.


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